Soma Chocolatemaker in the Distillery District, Toronto

I love Soma. Coming here definitely was one of the highlights of both my trips to Toronto in October and November 2010. No other place compares to the chocolate and hot chocolate I have had here. They also do fresh homemade gelato every day – oh so irresistable! They are located in the Distillery District, an area that I like a lot because of all the historic buildings and the fact that it’s not dominated by large retail chains.

The biggest challenge when visiting Soma is deciding which of the sorbet/gelato flavours to have. Fortunately, they allow you to taste several before committing. On my first visit here in October I joined my friend to share a scoop of blood orange sorbet and hazelnut gelato. Both were amazing. I savoured each bite – it was a small but an appropriately sized portion and was very satisfying! I can’t believe how good it was (still an understatement).

You can sip your hot chocolate in the small dining area while watching the chocolate- and gelato-making process in the laboratory that is against the back, walled in glass.

I was only in Toronto for 2 days in November, but I made sure I’d have the time to go back to Soma! I tried the mayan hot chocolate steamed with milk this time and it was heavenly. Not over-sweetened and I especially enjoyed the spicy aftertaste. The hot chocolate is spiced with ginger, Madagascar Vanilla, orange peel, and chili, and a dry mix of this is available for purchase. This time around I bought more of the treats that I had before (tumbled Hazelnuts & Cashews) plus more (Amaretti & Baci d’alassio). The Amaretti is to-die-for! Aromatic, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Everything that I bought was shared and consumed within 7 days. I usually like to share, but it was so good that I kinda wish I saved it all for myself :)

I went through Soma withdrawal for a while but eventually I had accepted the fact that all my goodies were gone. Then 2 days before Christmas Day, my friend from Toronto surprised me with an extremely nice gift via FedEx – a Winter Edition Revolution gift box and more Baci d’alassio. Thank you JT!! I (very reluctantly.. haha) shared this with family as well.

The Winter Edition Revolution gift box is a limited edition collection of their delicious tumbles:
1. Cashews tumbled in Costa Rican Milk Chocolate with Chai spice (my FAVE)
2. Green Raisins from Iran tumbled in Cocoa Latte chocolate
3. Wild Cherries tumbled in dark Peruvian chocolate
4. Roasted Hazelnuts tumbled in dark Peruvian chocolate

The Baci d’alassio is 2 chocolate hazelnut cookies with a dark Peruvian 61% chocolate centre. Mmm… tasted like Ferrero Rocher.

Everything might seem to be a bit on the pricey side, but you won’t leave this place without getting your money’s worth. Really, you can’t go wrong with anything from Soma.

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